Friday, September 28, 2012

Meeting Kelly Creagh

My friend, Hope Collier, (AKA Izzie) and I try to attend every author event we can. We love meeting authors, listening to them read from their work, and then getting a signed copy of their books.

Writers are a genuine bunch. I think it's because writing it so personal. Stories are a part of us, and once someone has read your work, they've experienced your creativity, your mind. Honestly, there is such a kinship between reader and author that most book signings I've been to feel more like a family reunion instead of a bunch of strangers in a room. 

One of Izzie's favorite books is Nevermore, by Kelly Creagh. When we heard Kelly was going to be at Carmichael's, a wonderful little Indie bookstore in Louisville, we knew we had to go.

In complete nerd fashion, we showed up few hours early and found an overpriced restaurant. Meeting another author should be celebrated, after all. :-) After spending way too much money on a few appetizers and Long Island teas, we finally made our way to the corner store.

Kelly read a few excerpts, one from Nevermore and one from the sequel Enshadowed. She told of her adventures exploring the strange world of Poe, and had some pictures scrolling on her laptop. I loved her stories of the Poe toaster and that she actually spent the night in front of a cemetery trying to get a picture of him leaving roses on Poe's grave.

While the others lined up to get their books signed, Izzie and I sat and talked with Kelly's mom. I now know where Kelly gets her likability. The three of us laughed and shared stories like we were old friends. Pretty soon the line dwindled, only a few people remained, the chairs were being folded and put away, and yet we kept talking. I found myself wanting to invite her out for a bite of pie, but we still had to drive home. That, and I didn't want her to think I'm a stalker. :-)

If Kelly is ever in your neck of the woods, I'd definitely stop by and say hi. And who knows, if you're lucky you may meet her mom too.

Posted by: Chi