Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The Kailmeyra Series Gets a Makeover!

Hi all!
I'm so excited that today is the day I get to officially introduce the new Kailmeyra Series book covers. When I joined the merry band over at Raven Key Press, the first thing they requested to change were the covers. My incredible literary manager, Italia Gandolfo, submitted the request to Michael Canalas, oh-my-god-incredible-graphic-designer-extraordinaire, and boom-shacka-lacka this is what he came up with!


I absolutely ADORE the new covers! Even better, I took the opportunity to fix a few things in the books that had been bothering me, and I added a few scenes along the way.

So far the response has been overwhelmingly positive! We're still plugging away at trying to get the soft covers up and running (a logistical nightmare, but that's a post for another day :-), but hopefully we'll have them live pretty soon!

Best news is that if you purchased the ebook through Kindle, the update should automatically show up on your device. #win/win.

I'd like to take a sec and thank you all for being so supportive. Your positive feedback and encouragement is what keeps the fires burning! :-)

An update about the third in the series, The Heart of the Ancients. The cover designer is working on the jacket even as we speak, and we are starting serious rounds of editing. I promise we'll have it up and running as soon as we can!

Friday, November 22, 2013

The Kennedy Imperative

Today marks the 50th anniversary of Kennedy's Assassination. Some will remember where they were when a shot was fired from a book depository. Some will vividly recall the graphic footage of that fateful day. As for me, Kennedy reminds me of my childhood kitchen table. 


My father had a fascination with the Kennedy era. He's a conspiracy theorist by nature (even though he'd never admit it). I came from an extremely intelligent home, where dinner was a family affair. Every night, discussions over plates of pasta or meatloaf and mashed potatoes were really debates more than anything. We'd discuss everything from a woman's right to choose to the hunger crisis that so affected Ethopia at the time. Values were challenged. Beliefs forged. Character molded by the sheer act of communication. My father is still to this day one of the most complex people I've ever known. Through the years, one of the most favored topics was President Kennedy. 

And so when Leon Berger's new trilogy came out, I did what every self-professed book snob does  ... I went to Amazon and opened the look inside. After the first few pages I pre-ordered the entire series for my father for Christmas (all three books in the series are on the way even as we speak :-).  

I'm sure dear old dad won't mind if I have a little looksy first before I wrap them in pretty paper and attach a bright red bow. After all, he'll need someone to hold a lively discussion on New Year's Eve, right? 

If you are history buff that loves it when a writer has enough talent to weave fiction into reality, you have to check the series out. 

Here's the info on the first book. And the best news? The ebook's only $3.99! 

The Kennedy Imperative (BOOK 1 OF A TRILOGY: BERLIN 1961)
While the construction of the Berlin Wall challenges JFK with the first major crisis of his Presidency, young CIA agent Philip Marsden is sent on his first mission across into East Berlin. As the tanks face off at Checkpoint Charlie, he uncovers the difficult truth about his Russian-born mother.

About Leon Berger: 
After an extensive globetrotting career based in London, New York, Singapore and Beijing, I'm now fortunate to be able to spend more time at home in Montreal indulging in my twin obsessions of writing and photography.
Since returning from abroad, I've had 10 books published, with many positive reviews in national and international media as well as some exceptional reader feedback. Several have been translated and two have won major awards.

My largest and most ambitious writing project to date is THE KENNEDY TRILOGY, my newly released series of political thrillers based on the 3 major crises of the JFK era, Berlin, Cuba and Dallas.