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Literary Justice for All!

Indie-Visible 2.0 Soft Launch

Hooray! We here at Indie-Visible are thrilled to be (soft) launching our site! So, who the heck are we anyway? Indie-Visible is an awesome collaboration backed by a super talented team of writers, bloggers, and freelancers in the publishing industry, who you can meet here and here. Indie-Visible's BookHub is an online magazine where readers can connect with their favorite authors in fun, innovative ways. BookHub will have a variety of columns, including Indie Book Recommendations, Interactive Contests, and all sorts of activities aimed at getting to know talented authors and their books. If this interests you, be sure to click on the subscription link below! In the PubHub, writers can get tips on a variety of writing and publishing elements, as well as build their dream publishing team by selecting from our endorsed list of freelancers. Our goal is to provide the perfect "Hub" for writers, where an environment of expertise and professionalism will offer high-level support in all phases of the publishing process and beyond. If this interests you, be sure to click on the subscription link below! In addition to BookHub and PubHub, Indie-Visible has another AMAZING (Top Secret!) program set to launch in February. Keep your eyes out for an announcement sometime in January. Keep up on all the goodies by subscribing to our BookHub and/or PubHub newsletters (see below). All subscribers will also be automatically entered to win one of our AWESOME GIVEAWAY PACKAGES. More details on those coming during our Full Launch in January!

Never miss out on an Indie-Visible post!

Monday, December 15, 2014

Fighting Fate is finally here!

What Marissa Johnson never expected when she came to Illinois to tour her brother's Alma mater was meet the man who would haunt her dreams. Once introduced, she knew she would do anything to stay close to him and hope for a chance.

Mike Harrison never expected to fall for his old college friends little sister. Defending his heavy weight title and having any woman he wanted wasn't enough to keep him away any longer.

Two years came and went while neither of them acted on their wants or desires. All of that changes when someone's grief brings the two together into a situation they can't ignore any longer.

But what happens when insecurity, jealousy, and lack of faith come into play? Can these two overcome the obstacles thrown in their path or will it all come crashing down around them?

 I absolutely love contemporary romance and new adult novels. After years of falling completely into books an idea came to mind. Something that wasn't out there yet needed to happen. Writing flowed so naturally for me that I couldn't get the words down fast enough. I love developing characters that people can relate to.

The Flawlessly Broken trilogy starts with Finding Solace and was released December 5th 2013. It continued with Fearing Regret which was just released July 2014. Fighting Fate, the last installment will be in your hands December 15th 2014.

 Here are the first two books in the Flawlessly Broken Series!

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Raine Thomas' Faire-Amanti now Available!

Stranded in the desolate Dark Lands, Kyr and Ty share a bittersweet reunion. Alametria lies on the brink of darkness. Their people are still reeling, believing she’s dead at Ty’s hands. With no other choice, many have turned to the Guardians and Advisor Vycor for guidance, never suspecting they’re being led to slaughter.

Kyr and Ty encounter overwhelming challenges in their fight to save their people: a deadly environment, murderous Marauders, and powerful protections preventing them from reaching the palace. When the journey itself could mean their deaths, the one thing that keeps them going is the thought of bringing VycorDane to justice.

Facing a battle on multiple fronts, lacking resources, and significantly outnumbered, Kyr and Ty must rely on each other in the race to save their planet. Will they beat the odds and restore peace to Alametria...or will Vycor’s evil destroy them all?

Turning so he faced Kyr, he lifted a gloved hand to her shoulder. Are you sure you want to do this?

She nodded, but he saw the rapid pulse in her neck belying her fear. They were both struggling to ignore the flight reflex pounding in their minds.

He considered walking to the storage bay and pulling out the sleeping pallets Gren had packed for their use, but he worried that taking even that much time would have them both abandoning this plan and giving in to the protections. Instead, he bent down and kissed her.

The feel and taste of Kyr shoved every other thought to the far corners of his mind. Although it had only been a few days since he last touched her like this, he felt like a starving man being offered a sumptuous buffet. Her soft lips eased open beneath his, begging him to deepen the kiss. He obliged, rubbing his tongue against hers as she tasted him just as thoroughly.

He ached to touch her. He broke away from her long enough to yank off his goggles and gloves. She hastily did the same. As if of one mind, they didn’t stop there, stripping out of their flight gear with quick, purposeful movements. When Ty was done, he helped Kyr remove the rest of her clothing. Then they came together in a mad rush, their mouths once again finding each other in a searing kiss.

Open your mind to me, Kyr thought. Only to me.

Yes. Only you.

He barely processed her demand over the raging need coursing through his body, but understood what she wanted. Since their first time joining here in the Dark Lands, he had learned that he had to keep a barrier between them when they made love. If he didn’t, they ran the risk of their joined power spiraling out of control like it had that time. On the more practical side, there was also the fact that if he allowed himself to feel everything she felt, their lovemaking would be over practically before it started.

Trust in us, she encouraged him as her hands ran along the muscles of his arms and chest.

Heedless of the consequences, he did as she asked, fully opening his mind to hers.

Raine Thomas is the award-winning author of bestselling Young Adult and New Adult fiction. Known for character-drivenstories that inspire the imagination, Raine recently signed with multiple award-winning producer Chase Chenowith of Back Fence Productions to bring her popular Daughters of Saraqael trilogy to the big screen. She's a proud indie author who is living the dream. When she isn't writing or glued to e-mail or social networking sites, Raine can usually be found vacationing with her husband and daughter on one of Florida's beautiful beaches or crossing the border to visit with her Canadian friends and relatives.

Catch up on the rest of the Ascendant Series here

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Ancients is Here!

Bittersweet to see such a great story end, but Elizabeth Isaacs doesn't disappoint! Helluva read!

Enjoy! ~Kate~

The Kailmeyra Chronicles: Book Three—
Following Nora and Gavin’s defeat of the Dokkalfar, the kingdom has flourished and brought hope to its people.

But looks can be deceiving.

Like wisps of death, darker emotions seep into unexpected places. Now the nighttime holds fresh horrors for Gavin as Nora’s visions of the future invade her dreams. Though Nora can’t remember them, she knows Gavin sees her mind as clearly as his own. Noticing the affects her nightmares have on him, Nora warns Gavin of the dire consequences of altering fate. But she fears he’ll do whatever it takes to assure her visions don’t come true—even going against all he believes.

When Nora and Gavin discover Mia, the new Empress of the Dokkalfar, is growing stronger, they return to Earth sooner than planned. But Nora's old home isn’t what it used to be. Civilization has plunged back into the Dark Ages and the Earth is on the brink of annihilation.

As Nora and Gavin find themselves at the Edge of the World, doubt plagues them. Are they walking a path which alters fate or one elaborately planned by the enemy?

If you haven't read the Kailmeyra series, the first one is on sale this month for only $0.99! 

If Nora Johnson hadn't been on campus that day she would have never known her true destiny. Helping her friends move into the dorm that she wanted to call home, Nora accidentally collides with mysterious stranger, Gavin Frey. His very first touch sends flames through her heart. The world seems different--something within her has changed.

She tries to resume her mundane life, but she is now consumed with the one whose very presence ignited her soul, the one with eyes of emerald. Nora soon learns that an energy buried deep within has been unleashed. She now wields unimaginable power and has become Gavin's source, his strength.

Her newfound joy is shaken when she discovers that Gavin is not who he appears to be, and she has been thrust in the middle of a war of mythical proportions. Negativity allows all things evil to flourish, the earth is under siege. The fate of creation hinges on the power within her heart. Will she be strong enough to survive?

A gripping tale of unbounded love and ancient power, The Light of Asteria will take you on an epic adventure filled with war, treachery, and demons, as well as unimaginable delights.

Available on: 

In celebration of all the fun, Elizabeth is giving away a signed copies of the entire series and a $25 gift card! Just fill out the Rafflecopter below, and good luck! 

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Release Day Alert!

It's Here!!!

I know it's been a long time coming, but the third book in the Kailmeyra series is slated for release November the 11th!

As you know, we've been through several changes this past year. The series moved publishing companies, had a face lift and a fresh round of edits, and we moved the ebooks to Vook for distribution.

We couldn't be more pleased with the outcome, and we thank everyone for sticking with me!

If you'd like to participate in the launch blog tour (with cool giveaways and lots of fun), please click here and fill out the form. 


Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Oh, The Things Grammarly Has Seen!

Indie might be listed among the genres on your favorite online radio website. However, the term is not limited to music. Indie is a shortened form of independent. It can refer to any type of artist that strikes out on their own to create within a field. Indie artists do not depend on mainstream channels to get their work out to the universe. The indie musician may strum his guitar in the local café. The indie artist may rent a warehouse to exhibit his own work. The indie author is our pride and joy. These hardworking writers have self-published an increasing amount of articles, books, and blogs in the last few years with some intriguing results. If you are a writer, you have benefited from the influx of indie writers into the writing profession. Here are three ways:

Better Deals for Authors
In the world of writing, it is the Indie writers who you want to follow to the store. Why track the purchases of Indie writers? Writers who plan to self-publish only invest their limited funds in the best tools and products. The editing industry has responded by tailoring services and costs to match the budgets of self-publishers. Indie authors also talk to each other about what works and what is a waste of time. Writers are saving time and money by listening to the recommendations of their indie comrades.

New and Improved Tools
As society changes, businesses respond by creating novel gadgets to amuse and entertain the new generations. Indie writing has affected the evolution of the writing industry in a profound way. First, the self-publishing industry blossomed to accommodate authors who wanted a larger voice in the publishing process. Secondly, companies like Grammarly responded to the struggles and the triumphs of pioneering authors with innovations and adjustments to current products. The needs of literary inventors provide an impetus for the writing industry to expand.

Some writers who are underestimated at the beginning go on to have shocking success. Other indies can never transform their perfectly crafted book ideas into marketable pieces of writing. But the successful ones have helped to open the mind of the writing industry. Manuscripts that mainstream publishers rejected, like John Grisham’s A Time to Kill, can still reach the light of day by means of self-publishing. The success stories encourage the next crop of aspiring writers, independent or not!

Grammarly has seen a growth in the editing industry since the rise of the indie author. Indies are publishing polished works of literature with the help of new tools designed just for them. When they self-publish despite obstacles, they inspire future generations. We can’t wait to see what happens next!

By Nikolas Baron

Nikolas discovered his love for the written word in elementary school, where he started spending his afternoons sprawled across the living room floor devouring one Marc Brown children’s novel after the other and writing short stories about daring pirate adventures. After acquiring some experience in various marketing, business development, and hiring roles at internet startups in a few different countries, he decided to re-unite his professional life with his childhood passions by joining Grammarly’s marketing team in San Francisco. He has the pleasure of being tasked with talking to writers, bloggers, teachers, and others about how they use Grammarly’s online proofreading application to improve their writing. His free time is spent biking, traveling, and reading.

Friday, August 8, 2014

Check out TA Kunz Newest work With Hunter Olivia!

Here's what New York Times and USA Today bestselling authors are saying about Witch Hunter Olivia by T.A. Kunz:

"Witch hunters and sexy tattoo artists? This New Adult Paranormal is EVERYTHING fans of romance and action are looking for."
- #1 New York Times bestselling author Jennifer L. Armentrout
"A fun, action-packed, enjoyable read!"
- New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Cora Carmack
"The perfect blend of New Adult and Paranormal. It's absolutely fantastic!" - New York Times bestselling author Nichole Chase
~ ~ ~
Reviewers are calling Witch Hunter Olivia "amazing, fun, well-written, and entertaining." You don't want to miss the hottest New Adult paranormal romance of the summer!


In the town of Piedmont Pointe, where paranormal is the norm, a girl can easily get herself in over her head with a single wrong move. Unfortunately for Olivia Adams, she's about to make several.
Starting over is never easy, but it seemed like the only option to Olivia. The decision to turn her back on the Guild of Witch Hunters, the very group she devoted her entire life to, was one of the hardest things she ever did. It meant leaving her family, her friends, and her old identity behind forever. Coming to terms with what caused her to abandon her duties in the first place was even harder.

While trying to lay low and stay off the Guild's radar, Olivia finds herself thrust back into her old ways after unknowingly interrupting an assassination hit on a powerful witch. What follows is the last thing she ever thought she'd agree to do--protect the very thing she was groomed to hunt.

To complicate things even further, Olivia begins to develop feelings for a tattoo artist who also happens to be half warlock, and no matter how hard she tries to fight it, she can't resist her inescapable draw to him. Olivia's forbidden relationship isn't her only issue though, because once the mystery behind the assassination attempt starts to unravel, she's forced to choose sides when the loyalties still tied to her past life are tested again.

So much for the idea of a fresh start.


Amazon ~ Amazon UK ~ Amazon AUS ~ B&N ~ iBooks ~ Kobo



Author T.A. Kunz has always had a fondness for reading thrilling mysteries and action-packed urban fantasies. So, it was no surprise when T.A. decided to write stories that fall into one of those two genres. T.A. lives in Central Florida with two fur babies and a mechanical engineer who also happens to be quite the culinary badass, which there are no complaints about. Being a self-diagnosed caffeine addict, many joke that T.A.'s addiction to Starbucks coffee will likely be their downfall later in life.


Saturday, June 28, 2014

The Comma, aka. The Writer's Headache

Ah, the comma. This little punctuation mark has caused more than its fair share of headaches to writers of all skill levels. Whether it's using too many commas or not enough, most writers struggle with learning exactly when they should use this illusive punctuation, and often, their final drafts suffer because of it. The major problem for most writers is keeping all of the rules straight. For example, the Modern Language Association has eleven total rules, and even those eleven are open to interpretation. With such loose rules, it's no surprise that all writers struggle with the comma.
In my work with Grammarly, I study how people write, and the tools they use to write better, and I've found a few tips that will help most writers overcome their struggle with commas. Remember that there is no substitute for good old-fashioned studying and practice, so if you want to perfect comma usage, the best thing you can do is put your nose to the grindstone and learn. If you need some quick and immediate help, remember the following tips.
     Learn the Big Rules – As previously mentioned, there are multiple comma rules with many open to interpretation. The best way to start improving your comma usage is to learn the major comma rules, the ones which are pretty firm. I've found the following four to be the most important:
     Use a comma to separate like items in a list of three or more. The choice to use the last comma – the Oxford comma – is up to you as the writer.
     Use a comma before a conjunction (“and,” “for,” “but,” “or,” “nor,” “yet,” and “so”) when you're connection two independent clauses. Remember that an independent clause can stand alone as its own sentence, so it must have both a subject and a verb.
     Use a comma to separate the main clause of a sentence from an introductory clause or phrase that precedes it.
     Use two commas in the middle of a sentence to offset unimportant information.
     Avoid Unnecessary Commas – Many writers, when faced with a situation when they aren't quite sure whether or not to use a comma, opt to err on the side of caution and go ahead and use the comma. What this creates is a sentence filled to the brim with commas, most of which aren't necessary. When you aren't sure whether or not to use a comma, read the sentence again and ask yourself if the sentence is clear without a comma. If the intention of your sentence is still clear, and there's no confusion when reading it, the comma is most likely unnecessary.
     Commas Indicate Soft Pauses – Regardless of the rules, sometimes a writer just needs to force the reader to pause for a split-second to let something sink in. If that's the case, feel free to use a comma to indicate this pause. Be sure not to confuse the soft pause with some of the longer pauses caused by semi-colons and dashes.
     Proofread, Proofread, Proofread – No matter how good you get at comma usage, you will always benefit from some proofreading. Start by proofreading your own work, and then give your piece to a second reader you trust to go over it. Lastly, consider using one of the many online services to catch any stray comma errors you or your readers may have missed. For example, over at Grammarly, we offer one of the most sophisticated grammar checks on the Internet. We'll check over your text for over 200 grammar errors, including comma errors, essentially becoming a third set of eyes for you.
Comma rules are difficult, but they certainly aren't insurmountable. With a little bit of studying and practice, you'll soon find that even the loosest comma rules will come to you quickly and easily. And, with that, you'll find your writing life mostly headache free, often wondering what it was about commas that ever gave you those headaches in the first place.

Nikolas discovered his love for the written word in Elementary School, where he started spending his afternoons sprawled across the living room floor devouring one Marc Brown children’s novel after the other and writing short stories about daring pirate adventures. After acquiring some experience in various marketing, business development, and hiring roles at internet startups in a few different countries, he decided to re-unite his professional life with his childhood passions by joining Grammarly’s marketing team in San Francisco. He has the pleasure of being tasked with talking to writers, bloggers, teachers, and others about how they use Grammarly’s online proofreading application to improve their writing. His free time is spent biking, traveling, and reading.

Monday, June 9, 2014

ONE PERFECT LOVE (Wild Rush #2) + MORE!!!

Wild Rush fans!
Jessie Evans has just released ONE PERFECT LOVE (Wild Rush, #2)!

New Adult Contemporary Romance
Release June 9, 2014
Wild Rush Book 2
Barnes and Noble:

A new adult story about breaking out, moving on, and learning that some loves never die…
It’s been almost a year since that night in the attic, since something inside me died, and a new Caitlin Cooney was born from the wreckage. The months that followed nearly killed me, but I survived and fought for the happiness Gabe was determined to give me, my little brothers, and my baby niece. Now, my family has everything I ever wanted to give them, and I have a new boyfriend. He’s the last person I imagined I’d end up with, but we’re good together. Life is good.
If only good was good enough, and I wasn’t still consumed by a love so fierce nothing can put what I feel for Gabe to rest.
Still, I believe the worst is over, until I’m forced back to my hometown and realize how many lies have been told to snuff out the wicked rush I found in Gabe’s arms.
ONE PERFECT LOVE is an edgy, sexy, boundary-pushing read intended for readers over the age of seventeen. The book features graphic love scenes, violence, strong language, liars, heartbreak, and in-depth descriptions of that mother-in-law we all pray we never have. Read at your own risk.

Also, THIS WICKED RUSH is on sale for .99 cents now through June 23rd to celebrate the release of book #2!

Wild Rush, Book #1 on SALE now through June 23rd!

“You know what I like, Caitlin. You know I want you to beg for it.”

I’ve never been the kind of person to give up on something I want. Now, I refuse to take no for an answer. I want this girl. I want to help her, and sleep with her, and steal things with her, and make her laugh the way she did right that night in her friend's car. We’re going to have a summer neither of us will ever forget, and by the time we go our separate ways, she’ll have enough money to go to college, and I will have had her…every way I want her.

I’m starting to forget why it’s a bad idea to get in any deeper with a boy who is a walking, talking contradiction. A boy who has a taste for breaking the law, a wicked way with words, and a confident touch that leaves no doubt he’s way more experienced than I am. I’ve spent my life putting aside my own needs and cleaning up after other people’s mistakes. Now, I want to make a mistake of my own.
I know I’m playing with fire, but for Gabe I'm willing to beg to be burned.
THIS WICKED RUSH is an edgy, sexy, boundary-pushing read intended for readers over the age of seventeen. The book features graphic love scenes, violence, strong language, and thieves in love. Read at your own risk.
"A steamy, high-octane love story that will have you wondering how far you'd go if you stopped playing by the rules. And may even make you want to step over the lines.” –New York Times Bestselling Author, Lauren Blakely

PLUS, Jessie is giving away (2) Sand Dollar Charms and a Gift Card to Bath and Body Works!

About the Author
Jessie Evans gave up a career as an international woman of mystery to write contemporary Southern romances and sexy, boundary-pushing New Adult reads.
She enjoys sweet, small town romances, and fictional walks on the wild side, and can't imagine a better job than playing pretend for a living.
She's married to the man of her dreams, and together they're raising a few children in a cabin in the boonies. She grew up in rural Arkansas, spending summers running wild, being chewed by chiggers, and now appreciates her home in a chigger-free part of the world even more.
When she's not writing, Jessie enjoys playing her dulcimer (badly), sewing the worlds ugliest quilts to give to her friends, going for bike rides with her house full of boys, and wandering the woods, glass of wine and camera in hand, on the lookout for Bigfoot.
A southern girl, born and bred, Jessie loves writing romances with sizzle, and hopes you'll enjoy her stories set in the south.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Move over, Mindy's in the Hizzouse!

 Hey all,
Uber excited today to announce that Mindy Ruiz, YA author extraordinaire, has a new book coming out just in time for UtopYA!

Enchanted Heart takes place in Las Vegas ... How could a teen possibly find trouble there?

Here's the synopsis: 

Cassandra Vera never ever broke the rules.


She’s also had a nonexistent social life since her best friend moved to Vegas. Armed with a new set of resolutions, the promise of a hot date, and her adoptive parents out of town, seventeen-year-old Cassandra agrees to a road trip, which is the perfect way to celebrate her birthday and ring in the New Year. After all, she’s headed to Vegas, the city where secrets are meant to stay hidden. Little does Cassandra know her past is buried there as well.

Cloaked in the shadows of the glitz and gaudy lights of Vegas lies a power struggle centuries old. One wrong step and Cassandra could destroy the delicate web of secrets. Now an enemy she never knew existed is after her, and the one boy who may be the missing piece to the puzzle — and her heart— is the one person she can’t afford to trust.

About Mindy Ruiz: 
Mindy Ruiz lives in a sleepy Beach Town in Southern California. When she’s not writing, she spends her time chasing after three boys, making flirty eyes at her hunky husband, watching fantasy television shows, cheering for the Dallas Cowboys, and hanging out at the beach with her very large and loud Italian family.
Her career in publishing started in the 4th grade with a story about a magic, museum-hopping chair. Now, Mindy writes young adult, new adult, and adult paranormal romance. Her books always include tormented heroes, snarky heroines, and lots of swooney moments that will put a smile on your face or make your heart race. Mindy is the lover of a good romance, the underdog, and John Hugh’s 80′s teen movies.

When her toes arent in the sand or her mind isnt in the clouds, Mindy loves hearing from readers.