Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Fallenmore Excerpt and Giveaway!

We are so excited today to participate in Lucy Swing's blog tour of her newest book, Fallenmore. Here's a little peak of her latest work. Don't forget to enter for a chance to win a signed copy of both books in the series! 

Total Darkness - An excerpt from Fallenmore
By Lucy Swing

“I shook my head at him, dismissing his concern. No one had ever spoken to me like that, and today was not going to be the day when it all begun. I plastered one of my wicked grins on my face and walked toward them, moving my hips graciously from side to side. Their eyes went empty as they stared. I reached them and Kyle gave me his usual, casual nod and wink mix. The same one that got all the girls instantly giggling when they walked by him.

It won't work this time, buddy.

“No one,” I looked him straight in the eye, feeling the fury burn there, “And I mean, no one, talks to me that way.” My mouth had long lost the grin and now probably contorted into a snarl.

He pulled himself from the locker and straightened, towering over my tiny little frame. He crossed his arms over his chest and muscles bulged from under his shirt. “Oh, is that so? What are you going to do about it, hot stuff?”

“Jade.” Blake warned from behind me, stretching the a sound. 

The shadow stirred around me, and then, with a long breath, I welcomed it in. “Or this.” My face fell, all emotion gone and I just stared at him, making all of his fears come alive.

I may have not been successful in getting inside Blake’s head, but everyone else’s, was fair game.
He had been in a serious accident when he was about eight years old. His father had been driving. Torrential rain down pouring, making it impossible to see a foot ahead. I could see the memory play out from his point of view. The fear was palpable and his little hands were tightly wrapped around a small matchbox car. His eyes darted from his father, who was now cursing at the rain, to his mother, who’s posture had gone stiff and held on to the door handle. She twisted on her seat and smiled at him. At least, that was what he had thought- just a reassuring smile. But I saw it differently. She was assessing him, making sure his seatbelt was buckled and around his torso the correct way. 
His father had been too busy in his cursing that he hadn’t noticed the stop sign, until his wife screamed. An eighteen-wheeler hit them on the passenger side. The windows shattered and shards of glass hit his small face. The screeching of tires and the sound of metal on metal was deafening. Above all, was the piercing scream of his mother that still haunted him to this day.

He took in a deep breath, as I pulled out of his head. His eyes were open in bewilderment, red with the tears he fought to hold back. Sweat was forming at the edge of his hairline and his chest rose and lowered heavily.
“Are we clear?” I asked, keeping my voice even. I didn’t wait for him to answer, I turned and walked to my locker, slamming the metal door shut and ran to class.”

Sounds intriguing, doesn't it? :-)
You can purchase Fallenmore at Amazon or Barnes and Noble.

And now for the Giveaway!

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