Tuesday, May 13, 2014

***Cover and Trailer Reveal*** The Ascendant series by Raine Thomas

Double Cover Reveal!!! 
Titles: Rout of the Dem-Shyr and Rise of the Faire-Amanti 
Series: The Ascendant Series, Books 2 and 3 
Author: Raine Thomas 
Publisher: Iambe Books, LLC 
Cover Designer: Regina Wamba of Mae I Design 
Genre: New Adult Sci-Fi Romance 
Recommended Audience: Readers 17+ 
Projected Release Dates: Rout of the Dem-Shyr (July, 2014) and Rise of the Faire-Amanti (Nov, 2014)

On to the big reveals! Rout of the Dem-Shyr (Ascendant Series, Book 2) Rise of the Faire-Amanti (Ascendant Series, Book 3)

Rout of the Dem-Shyr (Ascendant Series, Book 2)

 Rise of the Faire-Amanti (Ascendant Series, Book 3)

 Check out the covers all together. Don’t they look amazing??

Did you miss the first book in the series, Return of the Ascendant? Grab your copy today!
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And now, it’s Trailer Reveal Time! Turn those speakers up!!! Trailer created by Flatline Films


  1. Raine Thomas: congratulations for your exquisite book cover and trailer design!
    I really like the shocking colours!

    Stay well,
    Books that I like the most


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